About Me

Hi, I’m Courtney. I’m a self-proclaimed lover of food and food nerd. I hesitated to put out another “foodie” blog because I don’t identify with the non-inclusive or over-indulgent type where the recipes are only for James Beard winners or stacking 10 burger patties with fried mac and cheese is acceptable just because it looks intense. Not that I’m totally against these things, (I mean I would eat a pancake the size of my head) but know the practicality of being a “foodie in real life”. It’s fun but not sustainable. Am I rambling?

By lover of food, I mean that I’m geniunely happy when in my kitchen cooking or baking and have such fond memories of food and spending time with family. Growing up, my working mom always had a warm meal on the table and my late-grandma was my food idol in terms of everything from her kitchen was amazing and seemed effortless. When I was about 10 years old or so, my grandma did loan me her sugar cookie recipe and it won first-place at the county fair. And, I can still picture my late-grandpa sitting on a stool in their garage frying up some catfish that he caught to pair with the rest of the meal my grandma would throw together. I can’t forget putting on “cooking shows” for my little baby sister where I would serve her tea aka water with Smarties candies floating in it – ha! Such good memories! 


In my twenties, with just my husband and I to feed, I would try a new recipe every night! It was a bit much, but fun to me! I would page through copious amounts of cooking magazines and read food blogs religiously. During that time, we also lived in a major agriculture area of sunny California where our food habits and lifestyle really took shape by focusing on fresh, healthy ingredients and keeping our bodies moving throughout the day. Biking to work was our favorite. One of the most memorable eateries was a little café that focused on organic food with their own farm, they even made their own kombucha and almond milk, and this was several years ago when it wasn’t a complete trend.

Nowadays, back home in St. Louis with a growing family and a new full-time day job, my magazines collect dust and my Feedly reader is filling up faster than I can keep up with. You’re more likely to find me trying to sneak in an episode of Netflix’s Chef’s Table or The Great British Baking Show while on the elliptical. Since we lead an active lifestyle, I turn to uncomplicated and healthy options (trying to keep it adventurous) when feeding my family and on the weekends we like to explore how exciting the food scene in St. Louis is becoming. What I am hoping to bring with Courtney’s Counter is easy and healthy recipes suitable for busy weeknights, reviews of all types of restaurants (mostly St. Louis. Is it weird that I love looking at menus? I also love and appreciate excellent hospitality and ambience), and travel experiences focusing on food and family friendliness.