Restaurant Review: Kingside Diner

If you're looking for all day breakfast and lunch with options for everyone, look no further than Kingside Diner in the Central West End neighborhood of St. Louis. The typical association when you hear the word diner is probably greasy spoon but not Kingside. It has a spacious yet modern inside with an adorable outdoor seating when the weather is nice. The food is familiar yet has enough features to keep things interesting. Diners are also commonly known for friendly staff and I will say that Kingside delivered in that aspect. Our waitress was very friendly and attentive, and scored points for being extra friendly to our daughter engaging her in conversation and giving her crayons and paper. Also, bringing her food out right away - how did she know toddlers take forever to eat? My husband and I often find ourselves waiting for her to finish her meal. Or, maybe we should take a cue and eat slower?

On our recent visit, all three of us found ourselves equally pleased with our food choices. My husband and I ordered the gluten-free Quinoa Pancakes ($8), Breakfast Salad ($10), and the YGB "Yogurt, Granola, Berries" ($6). 

Satisfying choices that didn't leave us feeling over stuffed. 

We enjoyed the quinoa pancakes because of their simplicity and light texture. If you were going the pancakes alone at the $8 price point adding a side of bacon ($3) or fresh fruit ($4) would be a nice addition. As far as the breakfast salad, it was the first thing that caught our eye because I hadn't seen anything similar on a menu. All the textures and flavors went well together and I am a big fan of poached eggs. The arugula was lightly dressed in some olive oil. Very tasty! The yogurt parfait was so cute in the mason jar. It was surprisingly good because sometimes the yogurt and granola together are overpoweringly sweet. 

The kids can choose from five options: build your own breakfast, burger, chicken fingers, grilled cheese, or cheese pizza. The latter four options come with either fries or fruit. While this isn't the most exciting kids menu, the options are crowd pleasing and we appreciate offering a good size bowl of fruit as a side. She went with the grilled cheese, took half home, but gobbled up all the fruit.

Blurry toddler hand :) who needs utensils!

Blurry toddler hand :) who needs utensils!

Another fun fact about Kingside Diner is that it is across the street of the World Chess Hall of Fame. The hall of fame is known for it's exhibits, history, art, and most recently was in the news for unveiling the world's largest chess piece. I've also heard good things about the Kids & Family programming. I also love the location of Kingside Diner because of it's proximity to Warby Parker and Lululemon among other fun shops in this section of the Central West End. 

Open daily 6am-2pm -- there is also online ordering and event space, Kingside has much to offer!